Princeton Monthly Meeting’s Clerks & Helpers
(2017-18 academic year)

Care & Concerns: Marae McGhee (clerk), Janice Roddenbery (associate clerk)
Fellowship: Louise Coolidge
Funeral: Joe Taylor
Liaison: Chrissie Knight
Nominating Committee: Cheyanne Boyd, Dick Weeder, Irene Rodgers, Julie Capozzoli, Ken Tyson (clerk) , and Shelley Krause
Property: Dave Hingston
Peace & Social Concerns: Michael Cabus, Tony Capozzoli, & Dar Moore (co-clerks)
Religious Education: Shelley Krause and Edy Nolan, co-clerks
Third Sunday Gathering (aka 3SG): Marcia Willsie
Trustees: Tony Capozzoli
Worship and Ministry: Amy Kelly

Additional individual roles:
Immediate Past Clerk: John Kelly
Clerk: Sally Oppenheimer
Associate Clerk: Janice Roddenbery
Recording Clerk: Susan White (alternates: Dee Lewis, David Hingston)
Treasurer: Tony Capozzoli
Treasurer’s Assistant: Irene Rodgers
Recorder: Janice Roddenbery (alternates: Shelley Krause, David Hingston)
Webweaver: Shelley Krause
Clerk of the School Committee: Erik Grissom
Meeting Secretary: Annette Arnold
Property Manager: Don Stryker
PYM Quaker Life Council Member: Kri Burkander

(Contact information for members and attenders of Princeton Monthly Meeting is available in the directory which is prepared and distributed by the Office Committee in consultation with the clerk of Care & Concerns.)