Children in the Meeting

It is our hope that all children, from birth to maturity, will feel themselves full participants in the fellowship of the Meeting, to be nurtured in their spiritual development and their understanding of the faith and practice of Friends, and to be guided and encouraged in preparation for Quaker adulthood. Growing up in a Meeting offers children an extended spiritual family. It is the Meeting’s joyful responsibility to provide an atmosphere of care, love, and recognition—in short, a spiritual home—for all young people in the Meeting, regardless of their membership status or that of their parents.

Please bring your children to Meeting on any First Day… we try to make sure we can provide care for children during our 11 o’clock Meeting for Worship. Do you have any questions about First Day School? Are you interested in getting involved with Religious Education, either on a short- or long-term basis? Please reach out to the current clerk of Nominating Committee, Ken Tyson, or to one of our Religious Education committee members, all of whom should be able to point you in the right direction.

2017-18 Religious Education Committee members include Shelley Krause (co-clerk), Edy Nolan (co-clerk), Cheyanne Boyd, Erika Gilfether, Amy Kelly, and Tim Stoltzfus-Dueck.

Summer Camps

Here on the Princeton Friends property, we host our very own Princeton Friends Summer Camp.

Parents of  young people who are interested in an overnight camp experience may want to check these out:
Camp Onas (Bucks County)
Camp Regis-Applejack (Adirondacks)
Dark Waters (Medford, NJ)
Farm and Wilderness (a network of several camps in VT)
Journey’s End (Newfoundland, PA)