About Us

Princeton Friends Meeting is a dynamic and welcoming modern faith community which gathers for worship every Sunday in the beautiful Stonybook Meetinghouse, the oldest house of worship in Princeton.  First built in 1726, and rebuilt in 1760 after a “twisting wind” damaged the original, the building has been carefully cared for and is a much-appreciated space. Visitors are always welcome at either of the 9 or 11 o’clock Meetings for Worship each Sunday morning.

Our worship is held in silence. Each person present silently prays, meditates, or otherwise waits upon the Divine as each feels is appropriate. Some may feel led to stand and speak to share a thought, recollection, observation, or insight with others who are present. Friends hold that such messages arise from Divine leading. You can find more information about Meeting for Worship here.

Over the years, Friends have used many different terms or phrases to designate the source and foundation of our faith, a faith which we have gained by direct experience. Many Friends think of George Fox’s “that of God in every one” as the Light Within, which is a fundamental and immediate experience for Friends. Our direct and unmediated experience of the Divine is that which guides each of us in our everyday lives and brings us together as a community. Recognizing that God’s Light is in every person overcomes our separation and our differences from others and leads to a sympathetic awareness of their need and a sense of responsibility toward them. Friends believe that the more widely and clearly the Light is recognized and followed, the more humanity will come into accord.

Our Meeting members come from all walks of life; some were born into Quaker families, while many others are spiritual seekers who have come to Quakerism and found a new home. Many Meeting members and attenders cite Meeting for Worship as a site of deep personal growth and spiritual nurturing:

“I feel my Quakerness most deeply when I am alone in spiritual communion, when I am together with Friends in social gatherings and shared service, and when I sit in a gathered Meeting for Worship.”

“Meeting for Worship provides the foundation for my witness and action in the world.”

We look forward to continuing to welcome the newcomers in our midst; for questions related to a specific aspect of our community, you might want to check our list of committees.